Friday, February 4, 2011

العربية -- أسبوع 5

Admittedly, I have not been doing well with studying as of late.  I have become rather dis-enamored with my resources and thusly lost a little motivation to continue using them.  I have however been pushing through and still working with them as best I can, and as much as I can tolerate.  In my text book, I am just now getting to actual verb constructions and I am already more than halfway through the text.  On the plus/exciting side of things, I have recently come into the acquisition of new resources which will renew my vigor for study.  I will describe how I came into possession of these things a little later.

Vocally things are still going well.  I am now vocalizing up to the F above high C daily and in general I am beginning to accept the sounds that I am making now as being more correct than before.  Changing one's aural image is a difficult and disconcerting task and takes much time before it really feels natural.  I have noticed that I am hearing new things in singers I listen to as well since finding this new aural image.  I tend to be able to hear more of the dark sound in many voices which I could not hear before, for whatever reason.  I am excited at the route my voice is going now and look forward to the coming weeks of work and progress until I next get down for a lesson.

Methodology Minute

Yesterday I read about a website for language resources that sounded interesting.  I went to the site yesterday but could not figure out how to use it.  I tried again today, and realized that part of the key to figuring it out was registering on the site (duh!).  Upon registering I discovered a veritable gold mine!  The site is called Uz-Translations and it literally has nearly everything one could need to learn languages, save for Assimil.  For just about any language, the site provides downloads for educational materials, literature and a/v resources.  To give an idea of the breadth of the site:  I did a search for Italian literature and was presented with 41 pages with approximately 10 books per page.  For any people who are numerically challenged that equates to over 400 books available for download in PDF format!  The problem now is that I am going to have to buy an external hard drive just for these resources.  This site is completely free and open to the public, so go there ASAP and find whatever you need to boost your language studies!

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