Monday, August 29, 2011

End of the Month Update

I am now more than 75% through my Assimil program and nearly as far through Michel Thomas.  I somewhat feel like I've stagnated a little bit as far as progress goes; mainly due to my slacking about the last couple of weeks in studying.  The bright side is that the Active Wave exercise today went very well and the majority of items just flowed out of me, which is a good sign.

On a note of wanderlust, I purchased Wheelock's Latin over the weekend and am going to read through it on the weekends when I take time off of French/German (after the new year).  I don't necessarily know what I'm hoping to gain from learning Latin, other than that I will inevitably have to sing in Latin so understanding the structure and language will be helpful in that regard.  Plus being Catholic, Latin kind of comes with the territory.

Vocally things are going very well.  I am feeling more and more comfortable every day.  I am going to be actually singing my first concert as a tenor in November at my church as part of an "Opera Hits" concert.  I will likely only be singing one aria and a duet, but this will mark my first public performance as a tenor!  As of right now my plan is to sing Alfredo's aria and the Parigi, o cara duet from the final act of La Traviata.  Hopefully, I can convince someone into video taping this performance so I can post it to youtube, and thusly on here as a mark of my progress.

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