Monday, September 6, 2010

Русский - Неделя 1

Я не знаю достаточно писать по-русский. Я не думать хорошо это почта.

Alright, so for this month I forsee myself writing more in English than in Russian. It's been an adventure so far trying to figure out exactly what the formula is for writing proper sentences as well as making thoughts make sense in said language. I do really enjoy the language though, as I have all of my languages. Next week I will try to write more in actual Russian, but here is my current workload for the month: Pimsleur I-A (30 1/2-hour lessons), Michel Thomas Get Started kit (8 CDs), Teach Yourself Russian (1 20-unit book and 2 CDs) and Learn in Your Car Russian (2 CDs). In addition to this I am using Anki and going through the 1000 most common words on there in the hopes that some of them will stick with me. As of this point I am really happy with all the input I am getting and have noticed that I am pretty comfortable with the knowledge that I have and am excited to learn more. The only difficult thing for this language so far has been keeping my consonants straight on some words.

I am not going to update on the voice this week since I am writing in English. See you next week!

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